Dentures Services, Repairs, and Realigns from Feldman Dental Inc.

Enjoy a healthier more confident smile with dentures from Feldman Dental. Dentures offer a number of benefits including helping oral health, preventing facial muscle sagging, improving speech and eating habits, and, of course, giving you a beautiful smile.

At Feldman Dental, one of our main services includes immediate dentures, a type of complete denture that is inserted immediately after your teeth have been extracted. Complete dentures, dentures over implants, and partial dentures are also available. We find the denture that works best for you.

Repairs and Maintenance

Keep your dentures in top condition with our repair and realign services. Most repairs can be completed while you wait and our realigns can be done in just one day.

Denture Cleaning Solutions

Renew® denture cleaner is available from our clinic. It removes stains caused by tobacco, coffee, and tea. Fighting plaque, tartar (also called calculus), and bacteria, Renew® is your first choice in keeping your dentures clean.

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